The Roku - A new cheaper way to stream TV

Introducing The Roku Streaming devices

Some streaming boxes work even if your television doesn’t have an aerial, satellite or cable connection because they use a broadband connection to access thousands of movies to rent or buy, as well as lots of TV episodes and box sets. Even if you do have a connection, they can offer lots of other content that’s not found through ‘linear’ (that is broadcast) TV. Others offer the best of both worlds, like the Sky, Now TV Smart and Humax boxes, which access regular programmes through satellite or aerial and use broadband for catch-up services or the vast range of on-demand movies and box sets from Sky, for instance. Now TV offers access to some of Sky’s satellite channels via broadband, too. Sky requires a monthly subscription but other boxes here can deliver streamed programming free of on individual purchase, though Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have subscription-only content, too.

Roku have released 7 new devices to offer a cheaper and better way to stream tv

Roku TV                             - Review here
Roku Express                     - Review here
Roku Express +                 - Review here
Roku Stick                         - Review here
Roku Premiere                  - Review here
Roku Premiere +               - Review here
Roku Ultra                        -  Review here

It is the best low budget Internet TV so far, and has up to 5,000 channels +

Read how to add private channels and expand your roku experience >here<
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